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Friday, January 27, 2012

Reforming a Bad Blogger

I cannot believe how quickly time is passing these days; I blinked and POOF! It's been over two months since I last blogged.  Wow.  I am, apparently, a very bad blogger.  It's not that there hasn't been anything going on in my life (hardly!) but rather that there's been a tremendous amount, but a lot of it isn't the kind of stuff I want to share with the world.  Anyway, I've decided to make Friday mornings my scheduled blogging time.  If I can avoid being distracted by shinies, this just may help me become a reformed bad blogger.

The biggest project I have going on at the moment is preparing myself to enter the scary world of selling my jewelry wholesale to boutiques.  I've been moving my inventory onto standard jewelry trays that stack inside these soft totes that are made to carry them.

Trays are coded as to what type of jewelry (N = Necklace, for example) and which collection.

Pearl headed pins hold everything securely in place, so nothing gets damaged or tangled.

Two types of inserts made for rings; the tabbed insert (top) works well for bangles.  The bottom is foam with slots for the rings.

Next I need to purchase a couple yards of Silvercloth, which will be cut to fit over the jewelry inside the trays to keep the tarnish at bay, especially on the trays of sterling & fine silver jewelry.  Polishing is a task I prefer to keep to a bare minimum, and not just because it isn't very much fun.

I am also working on marketing materials; brochures about me, about my jewelry, price lists, that sort of thing.  It's a big job, but I'm one of those that finds comfort in being very prepared when it comes to situations that frighten me.  Calling on Boutiques scares the crap out of me, feeding into all my insecurities, although I realize that it will get much, much easier with experience.  Nike had it right when they made their slogan "Just Do It."

A stand-alone website (LooLoosBox.com) is coming soon as well.

Wish me luck, please; I could use it.

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Here are some pics of some of my latest creations; click to enlarge.

Faceted red agate and copper beads on copper hand-forged chain.  36" long.

Carnelian gemstone with black Czech glass on copper.  43" long, with a dangle at the clasp, as pictured. Rusty Black Patina filigree and old Rose Ox flower components are from B'Sue Boutiques.

 Layered brass oak leaves plated in Old Rose Ox with Rusty Black Patina filigree (both from B'Sue Boutiques) with copper beads, orange-red Swarovski crystal and Czech glass and solid copper soldered-link chain.  43" long.

Steampunk Rocks!  There's room in every wardrobe for a bit of Steamy Glam.

Geneva Strips Steampunk Necklace - On Etsy

Two layered necklaces:  #1 and #2

On Etsy

On Etsy

On Etsy

Steampunk Dragon on Watchworks - On Etsy



On Etsy

On Etsy

Old Hollywood Glam and A Bit of Whimsy in warm earth-toned metal with gemstones & pearls.

Large pink opal glass cabochon, 1930's Germany, with rose quartz and mixed metal hues.

On Etsy

Cultured pearls with copper and brass embellish a functional metal padlock.  On Etsy.

The embellished key dangles from the clasp, adding another decorative element when worn doubled.

Old Rose Ox plated centerpiece and filigree beads with copper and bone beads, on copper wire.  One of my hand cast resin Steampunk cabochons emblazons the center.

On Etsy

Sunset Orange crystal beads with copper beads, on copper chain.  On Etsy!

If you've hung on to the end, then I appreciate your dedication.  I think this is more than enough for this week; I will see you next Friday!