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Friday, February 24, 2012

Feelin' Grooooovy!

I know I said I'd be posting every Friday from now on... and that it's been several weeks since I said that.  My credibility as a blogger is probably shot.  :-)

First off, I am officially announcing the launch of my stand-alone website, LooLoosBox.com!  It's taken me forever to get this project going on, and I am now in the process of adding inventory.  I am hoping, in time, to be able to become less reliant on Etsy and PayPal; plus, I'll be able to handle wholesale sales through my websitre as well.  It's a step in the right direction.  about dang time, I say!

I have been very busy working on perfecting, and expanding upon, my resin cabochon lines.  If you've followed my work then you are likely familiar with my Steampunk cabs:

Steampunk Locket - On Etsy
They are wicked fun to work with, but are beginning to be copied.  Inevitable, but irritating. I have been expanding my cast cabochons to include gemstone chips in resin:

Peridot in Resin Earrings - On Etsy
with other gemstones coming soon.

What really blows my skirt up, however, is coming up with an idea that is completely original (as far as I know, anyway)... and during a brainstorming session with another jewelry artist friend, we came up with the idea of casting pre-made resin flowers into cabochons!

Yellow Resin Flower Earrings, On Etsy
All Resin Flower Jewelry by LooLoo's Box

I really love the look; the way the light shines through, the punch of '60s retro Flower Power color... they just make me smile.  Who knows how long I'll have before this idea gets copied and I start seeing similar jewelry all over Etsy... but I intend to enjoy this while it lasts.  :-)

Have a Shinies weekend!