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Saturday, November 12, 2011

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

If you could hear me sing, you would be thankful that I am not about to start channeling Julie Andrews.

No, I am talking about my #1 favorite source for the bits and pieces I need to feed my addiction... to making jewelry.  My favorite supplier is B'Sue Boutiques, at www.bsueboutiques.com.  Brenda Sue not only offers the best quality American made and finished brass stampings on the market (and other cool vintage stuff) but she also is a Mentor, an inspiration, a teacher; she and her establishment are class acts all the way.

At the moment I am in love with her wonderful floral components, like this one in Old Rose Ox and this one, in Chocolate Ox.  Why?
Because with those pieces (and a few other bits, of course) I made this set, which found a new home last night.

They look vintage because the dies used to make the stampings are vintage, but it is new brass, made right here in America.  I like that.

She also supplied the centerpiece for this necklace, which I wore last night.
B'Sue Boutiques isn't my only supplier, of course... but it's where I look first for the types of products she carries.

Full disclosure:  Brenda Sue at B'Sue Boutiques is having a contest; you can read about it here. However, that's not why I am blogging about her shop.  It may be why I am doing it today, but I would have anyway.  I did a private event last night, and the majority of what I sold contained components from B'Sue Boutiques.  If I hadn't found Brenda Sue's shop my art would not have branched out in this particular direction, or at least not in quite this way... and I really, really like this direction.  I am blogging about Brenda Sue and B'Sue Boutiques because I am grateful... and because she deserves it.

Thank you, Brenda Sue!

With Gratitude,

Robin Delargy
Looloo's Box

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