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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Wild Victorian Wine Chicks

It's cold, dank, gray, gloomy and rather grungy outside today.  Yeah, yeah, it's Tacoma so what else is new, but hey - I still don't have to like it. My Neal is grousing because he is doing yard tasks (nobody's forcing ya, bud) in the grizzle, but me?  I now have no resistance at all to staying in jammies in my slobby work room and playing with my goodies until my fingers bleed.

Neal in the garden, with Milo (the cat) supervising

Today I have a couple things going: first, I am working on putting an oven patina on an enormous fancy raw brass sea shell; I'm also working on a wine-themed necklace centerpiece that I have colored with Baroque Arts' Gilder's Paste, and a few other things.  I will update this posting and add photos throughout the day, so check back often!

While my big bodacious brass seashell is in the oven doing it's thing, I'll introduce you to my Wild Victorian Wine Chicks.  They started out as a silver ox plated stamping from B'Sue Boutiques. Awesome stuff at this site!

Here's the necklace centerpiece with Gilder's Paste applied and dry, but not buffed out yet.  The silver ox piece is what it looked like before; quite a difference, no?

Top: Original Silver Ox-plated stamping
Bottom: Colored w/Gilder's Paste, Un-Buffed
Un-buffed Wild Victorian Wine Chicks
Buffed Wild Victorian Wine Chicks
Aren't my Wine Chicks gorgeous?  They will be the centerpiece for a necklace I plan to wear when Neal & I do LooLoo's Box Wine Experience parties.  Neal's a pro Wine Guy, so we offer home jewelry sales parties (my jewelry, of course) with the extra fun of an educational wine tasting for entertainment.

Oh, and which Gilder's Paste colors did I use? German Silver (faces), Gold (grapes) , Foundry Bronze (grape vines), Celtic Bronze (hair), African Bronze (grape leaves).

I think I'll make my Big Bodacious Brass Seashell project a separate blog post, so I will sign off... for now.

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  1. These are gorgeous. Thanks for telling what colors you used!